The social aspects of online gambling

The social aspects of online gambling

May 27, 2022 Off By Alistair

The social aspects of online gambling are just starting to attract the attention of regulatory bodies, who are not simply interested in knowing how many players are involved in a specific online site, but also what is happening to them while doing so. This post investigates two different games from two different sites, showing how the main social components are linked to the gambling experience, and also explains how these components can be modified to provide a better game experience for players.

Why are we interested in the social aspects of gambling?

As it is impossible to ensure that a physical casino is safe and secure from potential attacks such as those that took place last year in the UK, online sexygaming  casinos are being regarded by governments and regulatory bodies as the main solution to avoid these types of risks. However, a review of the available literature on this topic shows that people are not happy to gamble online, and even less willing to bet over their mobile phone. This is the reason why the current trend is to combine online gambling with social factors.

This is not a new trend; we already see that some online casinos have introduced new games, that integrate elements such as chat with the payment process, or in-game prizes for those that are willing to share their strategy with others. The underlying reason behind these changes is to make online gambling a more social experience, increasing its social “cool factor”. In the next sections, we will explain how different elements from the social experience impact the way in which people play online.

How the social aspects of online gambling impact the users’ experience?

When it comes to social aspects, we see how they create a positive impact on the user’s experience. The elements that fall under this category are:

Gambling with friends. This is clearly an important part of the casual player’s experience. However, it can have a positive impact on more experienced sexygaming gamblers, who prefer to play with others from social networks. If a player is interested in this type of experience, the online casino should be able to provide him or her with this kind of option.

The ability to chat with friends during gambling. This practice is becoming common among social networks and it is not surprising that casinos are implementing chat in their online gambling experiences, as it has become a very popular feature on mobile devices, and is considered a way to make users spend more time on the site.