Why starting a new year with nuru massage could be a great idea?

January 21, 2020 Off By Alistair

Of course, a nuru massage is an all-year round gift that keeps on giving, but there are ample reasons why getting one when the new year comes can actually work better then anytime else. Why is that? Keep reading and your curiosity will be satisfied…

First, a quick overview of what a nuru massage is

Nuru is a unique Japanese erotic massage, which is performed with both the masseuse and the client fully nude. It’s one of the body-to-body types of massages, meaning you can look forward to an intense and close contact, as your therapist will be sliding, rubbing and grinding against your body, slowly leading you to orgasm. The trademark of this procedure is a special seaweed gel, which eases the mutual contact and makes everything go smoothly. Nuru is a wildly popular, as well as beneficial massage – and starting a new year with it can give you a much needed boost to face its new challenges.

Beat that January blues with a healthy portion of nuru entertainment

To make a full list of the benefits of this rubdown would be too exhausting, but let’s mention some of them that could really make that dreary early January bearable.

1. It can rid you of a lot of that back-to-work anxiety

 Christmas festivities are over, and so are the New Year celebrations. Now there’s nothing to look forward to but the endless work drudgery over and over again. The post-holiday blues is a common thing which most people experience. And the return to the everyday routine can hard, depressing and stressful. But nuru can do a lot to alleviate that. When we’re stressed out, the “stress hormone” cortisol builds up in our bodies, causing multiple harmful side-effects. And that’s where nuru comes in. Cortisol tends to build up in the back and shoulder areas especially, resulting in muscle knots and blocks. During the massage, these knots are untangled, the blood gets to freely course through the body again, supplying oxygen and flushing out a lot of that cortisol. Not to mention the erotic treatment, which counters its effect by stimulating the production of multiple feel-good hormones, thus elevating your mood further and getting you ready for the upcoming challenges.

2. It helps in combating the seasonal illnesses

One of the benefits of the nuru massage is the immune system boost. This rubdown has been recorded to induce faster toxin disposal rates, as well as to strengthen the white blood cells, which are essential in combatting illnesses. Since January, and winter in general, is a season abounding in illnesses such as flu or cold, nuru can act as a powerful shield against them. This way, you can stay healthy and have lots of fun while you’re at it!

3. It can help you in getting rid of some excess calories

This can come in handy especially after the season of Christmas gluttony, when it’s not so uncommon to put on a couple of extra pounds from all the sweets and treats you’ve consumed. You can of course choose to hit the gym, or act upon your new year resolution of healthier diet, which is commendable. But a nuru massage can actually work as well – believe it or not, just a one-hour nuru session can rid you of up to 300 calories in a way that feels much more pleasurable than torturing yourself in the gym!

In short, simple nuru session can transform a gloomy beginning of a new year into an exciting opportunity to grab life by the horns with a newfound strength and optimism! Who knows, perhaps you’re curious to try it as well?

Do you also find it hard to return to work after a holiday? How do you combat the post-holiday new year blues? With what you’ve learned in this article, would you be willing to give nuru a shot? Or is there another method that both elevates the mood, burns the calories and strengthens your immunity? Which one is it? Leave a comment below!